Weekly Lotto

Our weekly lotto draw takes place every Monday night at various local venues.
Any four numbers are selected from 1 to 28. If anybody matches the four numbers selected on the night he/she wins/shares the Jackpot. There are also 2 Lucky Dips for €100 each. Tickets cost €2 each.
If you are not currently subscribing to our lotto, the weekly club lotto is available to play online at http://www.locallotto.ie/localhome.asp?LL_ID=422

You can also register online to receive our free weekly email which includes lotto results and club notes.

Please spread the word to Na Dunta Gaels around the country and the world, encourage them to play lotto online. An annual lotto ticket for €100 can be bought with 2 weeks free on line or from Matt Carley or Anthony Rowan. Please see our weekly notes for lotto results.